Thanks for your confidence in us!

At Hickory Hills Country Meats, we haven't spent a lot of time in previous years looking for recognition or chasing industry awards. It just hasn't been our style. Instead, we've simply worked hard day in and day out to process, package, and deliver to our loyal customers the highest quality and best-tasting meats and meat products we possibly could. It's what we do best, and just seemed like the right thing to do.

And frankly, we couldn’t have done it without you. Your continued patronage…customer feedback…and referrals are our greatest compliment. Thank you for those!

Of course, as our curiosity gets the best of us and we find ourselves participating in an occasional competition, we can't help but wonder how we would have stacked up over the years. While we're always humbled by your praises, we're happy to share with you...our extended family of customers...the occasional business award we receive for our specialty meat products.

With that, check out a recent award Hickory Hills Country Meats has been honored with.

Business Awards


Wisconsin State

Wisconsin Cured Meat Championship Reserve Grand Champion for Flavored Summer Sausage (Jalapeno Cheddar)