Custom Wild Game Processing is Our Specialty!

Hunting your favorite wild game…is thrilling. Eating venison tenderloin…stimulating. Butchering your own quarry—not so much.

Processing wild game meat can be tricky, if you want it to look appetizing and taste tender. Likely, you got better things to do with your time and money than wishing you had the right tools…wrestling over a carcass…worrying about wasting or ruining precious meat cuts…or wondering how to dispose of all that scrap bone, organs, and hide!

That’s why if you’d rather—at Hickory Hills Country Meats—we’re happy to take it on. In fact, custom wild game processing is what we do best! But whether you've harvested a deer, bear, elk, moose, antelope, mule deer, caribou, wild boar, or other game, here are a few important things to remember:

  • Call ahead of time to schedule an appointment for your wild game to be processed. NOTE: Please be aware that our schedule books fast during the months of September through December due to both our annual County Fair and state deer hunting season.
  • You always get your meat back. Your wild game is kept separate from everyone else’s from start-to-finish. We process it separately, so you always get the meat back from the animal you harvested.
  • Proof of legal harvest. Make sure your quarry has its DNR Registration Tag attached to it if required by law.
  • Game not properly field-dressed could be subject to a cleaning charge.
  • Processing exceptions. Sorry, while we do NOT process goose or rabbit, we are happy to turn your meat into sausage.
  • Minimum quantity for processing. A minimum quantity of 15 lbs. is required in order to schedule processing of sausages or hot sticks.

Attention Deer Hunters!

Want to hunt, but don't want your deer? Then let's work together to feed the hungry. We are a participating drop-off site for Wisconsin's official deer donation program called Hunt for the Hungry. And we make it easy for you. Just go here for complete instructions on how to donate your deer at no cost to you!


With that, here are approximate prices for custom wild game processing. (NOTE: Prices are subject to change. Please contact us for current pricing!)

Venison Processing:
Skin / Cut / Wrap (we keep the hide) $95.00
Skin / Cut / Wrap (you take the hide) $105.00
Cape Hide for Mounting $35.00
Sausage Processing:
Big Summer (sliced) $4.49 per pound
Summer $3.29 per pound
Summer w/ cheese (cheddar or pepper jack) or jalapeno $5.79 per pound
Snack Sticks $3.79 per pound
Snack Sticks w/ cheese (cheddar or pepper jack) or jalapeno or honey BBQ $6.39 per pound
Cheddar Dogs $6.19 per pound **
Wieners $3.39 per pound **
Big Bologna (Sliced) $4.39 per pound **
Bologna $3.09 per pound **
Bologna w/ cheese (cheddar or pepper jack) $5.79 per pound **
Brats $2.49 per pound
Cheddar Brats $4.79 per pound
Jalapeno Brats $4.79 per pound
Jalapeno Cheddar Brats $4.79 per pound
Pepper Jack Brats $4.79 per pound
Breakfast Links $3.09 per pound
Bacon $3.69 per pound

** Wieners and bologna require a minimum of 17 pounds per batch for venison (cannot split), 15 pounds per batch for all other wild game (cannot split).

NOTE: All meat stays separate, you ALWAYS get your own meat back.

NOTE: Prices are subject to change. Please contact us for current pricing.

As always, if you have any questions about our custom wild game processing procedures or pricing, don’t hesitate to call us. We are here to make sure your meat processing experience is a pleasant one.