Serving our community together!

Running a non-profit organization—like a boy scout troop, school club, church group, Lions Club, and more—is hard work. Funding it shouldn’t be. If you’re looking to raise money doing a fundraising event for your organization, using Hickory Hills Country Meats meat and meat products is highly popular and profitable.

Here's how it works

We provide the meat, you hold the event. It's that simple. Just tell us when your event is taking place and what product or products you want to sell. Brats and hamburgers work quite well for most.

Then, you pick up the meat the day before or day of your event. Or if you prefer, we're happy to offer the use of our refrigerated trailer. Upon request, we'll load your meat, drop the trailer off at your location, and pick it up when you're done...all free of charge! You only pay the wholesale price for our products, and keep the rest for profit. It’s that easy!

At Hickory Hills Country Meats, making a difference comes easy to us. Making a profit should be easy for your organization. By serving our local kids and families, your organization provides a valuable service to our community. We’re happy to help.

So go ahead, give us a call next time you’re considering putting on a hamburger or brat fry...or, if you still have any remaining questions about fundraising opportunities with us.

And thanks for checking us out. We look forward to seeing you in our store soon!